Given the difficult situation that we are going through in the face of the Covid-19 epidemic, and the confinement measures decreed by the Government in its alarm plan to combat this epidemic, ADVANCED INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS is presented to respond to the needs that your company may have . You are surely faced with the difficult situation of deciding whether to stop projects or send your workers home for their safety. These are difficult days for many companies.

This is where at ADVANCED INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS EUROPE, we are convinced that we can help you face this dilemma.

We can provide our clients with the solution to this unsafe period, due to ignorance of future measures that may be adopted, as well as its duration in time. We offer SPECIALIZED TECHNICAL SERVICE IN SITU.

Our staff, among other members, is made up of highly capable and knowledgeable Engineers and Technicians capable of meeting the needs that your Company may demand / need. I can affirm that some points that characterize us are rigor, formality, professionalism, transparency, sincerity … which allows us to be clear and concise in the face of the demands / needs of our clients.

In summary, the idea that I want to convey to you is that you can count on ADVANCED INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS EUROPE, to be able to face the projects that this crisis stops or can do so in a short term.