We provide and manage field service engineers to help our clients reduce their costs by meeting their needs with our professional resources. Specialized working staff in situ.

The customer and the employee are at the center of our thinking and action.
Process and continuous cost improvement.
Quality and sense of urgency.
Communication, collaboration and attitude.

High Vacuum Technology: Precision optics, Thin-film, Metalizing, Ophthalmic, Glass Coating.

Waste to Energy – Recycling: Electrical engineering and management of facilities in Power Plants and Recycling Plants. Profibus connections.

Electricity and Electromechanics

Telecommunications Engineering: Programming of computer systems, networks, Python programming. IOT, etc.

Sorting Technology for food and Recycling Plastics and Glass.

Maintenance and Upgrades on Industrial Machinery.

Buildings Management and Regulations: We are representatives of SAUTER IBÉRICA.

Electro medicine

Machinery Upgrade: Improve products and production by machine upgrades,  modernizing and optimizing results.

Abrasive Blasting surface cleaning.

Glass Coating

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