Turnkey dismantling and relocation of a production plant

Including disassembly engineering, recovery of equipment and main lines, their packaging and transfer, and their installation and start-up in a new plant.

Installation and transfer of Production Plants

Specialists in the installation and transfer of production plants who want to start or move their businesses. In addition, we improve production and products, making “UPGRADES” to machinery, modernizing them and optimizing results.
At Advanced Industrial Solutions we offer abrasive blasting and surface cleaning services.
We have a wide and studied range of abrasives and we select the most suitable for each operation, thus achieving the desired finish.
Our experience enables us to perform high quality treatments in the industrial sector, cleaning for the renovation and maintenance of industrial machinery, equipment and components.

desmontaje, translado e instalacion de maquinaria
  • Cleaning of machines removing grease, paint and corrosion.
  • Deoxidizing and pickling of iron and / or steel structures.
  • Surface preparation.

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