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    Ophthalmic Machines 1200-DLS

    Machines for coating thin film lenses quickly, accurately and fully automated. They are specially designed to make high quality optical coatings using sophisticated filter designs. These filters are used in the lenses of the glasses to avoid reflections and scratches, in the laser mirrors to intensify the reflection of light or radiation, and in the tools and bearings to avoid wear. All these processes are accomplished in high performance

    Machines used in the manufacture of optical material for polymerization processes and application of anti-reflective.

    Ultrasonic cleaning and degreasing offers cleaning quality, especially with delicate or difficult parts. It also reduces costs, since it saves on cleaning times and the products used to clean are economical.

    Completely redesigned to maximize productivity, reliability and energy efficiency. It offers multiple applications for depositing anti-reflective and / or mirror coatings on organic and mineral glass lenses through the Thermal Evaporation (PVD) process. Perfect for production in RX laboratories and for stocking lenses.

    Machine specially optimized for the needs of small and medium Rx Laboratories. Its modular system allows you to start with a low initial investment. As commercial demand grows, you can add other components to it to expand its capacity. A very flexible solution to increase production capacity as demand increases.