We carry out and design the installation of home automation systems, looking for customized solutions for each home. We carry out the installation of indoor and out-door wired or wireless communication networks, we program the different devices of your choice and start up the entire system.

Home automation allows us to automate different actions within our home such as security systems, communications, energy management and well-being.

Home automation: features and advantages

The intelligent management of all the devices connected to the electrical network will allow us to save on our bill.

Facilities that facilitate autonomy for people with physical limitations.

Home automation makes our home more comfortable and convenient, automating various actions (open / close, turn on / off, regulate, program) in the different elements or devices (electrical appliances, light points, doors, blinds, awning, etc. irrigation…).

The home automation installation allows the transmission of voice, data, images, sounds, access to IP telephony services, cable television … all with external and internal control. Telecommunications engineering to take advantage of bandwidth and infrastructure.

We can increase security by incorporating devices such as: intrusion alarms, medical alerts, remote assistance, presence simulation, heat detectors …)

Repairs and updates of home automation systems and advice and guidance in the selection of materials and devices.

• Industrial: process automation, sensor communication and biometrics.
• The same premises used to domotize buildings or homes have been applied to in-dustrial environments or work environments, generating a whole world of possibil-ities to improve processes, facilitating the work of workers and employers and, es-pecially, to save costs.
• Energy saving.
• Promotion of more accessible environments
• Domotic environments are more comfortable
• Improve communications
• Industry 4.0: favor the development of automated and intelligent
• Time and access control.


What we do
Configurations of routers, switches and devices for LAN and WAN networks.
Configuration of multicast and VPN overlay networks.

Audit of the existing infrastructure, analysis of requirements, design of the net-work architecture and the recommendation of technical specifications in new LAN projects, according to typologies (latest generation, distribution, core, server farms) and characteristics (load balancing, VoIP…) as well as other infrastructure equipment (traffic modulation and traffic acceleration).

• Infrastructure analysis, design and services.
• Report on options for improving the network infrastructure, including data on fi-nancial and operational implications.
• Analysis of the needs in terms of bandwidth, the number of redundancy connections, type of connectivity and other parameters related to the quality of the ser-vice.
• Advice for the optimal technological evolution of the network infrastructure.



• Web service installation.
• Mail and chat servers.
• “Firewall” security servers.
• IP telephony servers (VoIP).
• Database managers Mysql
Virtualization: Virtualization consists of a technology based on software that allows the execution of a hardware, a storage device, an operating system or another virtual server in the same physical server. In other words, it consists of the creation of virtual machines within the same physical environment, allowing their execution or emulation.

Cost reduction: This could become one of the main advantages of virtualization, since thanks to this you will reduce the use of physical servers.
Increase security: It will be easier to make backup copies of your virtual machines since it allows you to schedule backups faster and easier.
Easy information management: When you have problems with your electronic machine or problems with your operating system, as it is a virtual machine, you can transfer your information to a different physical server quickly and easily and continue with your job.


We manufacture industrial solutions based on open source hardware
• Development of projects based on C, Python and Matlab languages.
• Microchip, Arduino and Raspberry Pi microcontroller programming.
• Economical, energy and resource saving: plug and play


Computer vision: A broader set of self-learning methods based on assimilating data representations by image recognition, audio, or predictive analysis.
Machine learning: Machine learning methods with which to better understand user behavior, recommendation systems, predictions, fraud detection, etc.
Chat bot: They increase the productivity and efficiency of the processes since they create an always available means of communication between the business and the clients.
Data analysis and visualization: Data science is used to extract better knowledge and understandings of data to better understand the business and generate strategies.
Robotic Process Automation (ARP): Robotic Process Automation that allows automating processes based on specific, repetitive and high-volume rules.
Virtual Voice Assistants: Virtual voice assistants interact with us to provide services and provide assistance at the appropriate time. We are experts in developing Apps for Amazon Echo and Google Home.