Vacuum Pump

Wide selection of vacuum pumps. Thanks to our knowledge and experience in this technology we can advise you and give you the best vacuum solution for your market.

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    Single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump (modelo X-10 to X-630)

    Pumps widely used in vacuum engineering areas, research applications and for industrial production.
    They can also be used to generate medium and difficult vacuum or as secondary pumps in combinations of pumps with base vacuum pumps or high vacuum pumps. The final pressure range can be, depending on the model, between 0.1 and 0.5 mbar. The pumping speed can go from 1.5 m3 / h to 630 m3 / h.
    • Roots vacuum pump. (JRP-150 to JRP-2000 mode)

    Roots vacuum pump. (modeo JRP-150 to JRP-2000)

    Pump with a compact structure and easy to install horizontally and vertically. Stable operation and low noise level. Quick start of vacuum to achieve maximum pressure in a short time. They feature automatic overload protection allowing safe and reliable operation. Pumps widely used in vacuum processes, chemical industry, medicine, food, light industry and textile. The final pressure can be 0.05 Pa. The pumping speed can go from 153 m3 / h to 2050 m3 / h depending on the model.

    JSP vacuum pump

    The JSP screw vacuum pump is a type of dry type vacuum pump, since it does not use oil in the pump cavity, thus avoiding contamination of the vacuum system and allowing a higher quality of the products. The maximum pressure can reach up to 5 pa, suitable for medium and low vacuum. It can be equipped with Roots Pumps in an oil-free medium vacuum unit, or it can be equipped with molecular pumps in an oil-free high-vacuum unit. These pumps, due to their characteristics, are widely used in the electrical industry, industrial vacuum welding furnaces, vacuum coating, metallurgical industry, vacuum drying, vacuum induction furnaces, among others.